I’d love to hear from you! If you have any constructive criticism or would like to see more of what I do, contact me at:

A Chef in Thyme is on Facebook!

10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. No doubt your visitors would love to check out your Facebook page, but you don’t provide a link to it. Also the link in your post “Versatile Blogger” that your provide to “A Dollop and A Pinch” is incorrect and it keeps sending me elsewhere instead of to the Dollop website The problem is your link is this: http://http// – When it should be this:

    This is my Facebook page:

    Wishing you success with your blog and your other industrious endeavors whatever they may be.

  2. Hey, Angelie, hope you are doing well. I got a note from a follower that the link to A Dollop and a Pinch that’s in your post did not work. (There are two http://'s in the link, I think.) Thought you’d want to fix this. Thanks.
    Keep on cooking and doing what you do best!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been good, just crazy busy with homework lately! But thankfully the school year is ending soon and I can cook all I want đŸ™‚

  3. Hello! I just subscribed to your blog feed via my Facebook page. So now my page fans can also see your posts. I also liked your Facebook page. I hope this encourages you along your path. Be blessed!

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