Eggplant Parmesan

I prepared this eggplant parmesan for five, for our Harry Potter movie night. We baked the eggplant instead of frying which was healthier and tasted just as good. I got this recipe out of the “Incredibly Easy Italian” cookbook; which it was incredibly easy, just give yourself an hour for breading eggplants. I like baking eggplant or chicken parmesan instead of frying because the breadcrumbs tend to stick better, it’s healthier, and less time in the hot kitchen! Back when I was a vegetarian, my mom tried to get me to eat eggplant parmesan, but what kid hears “eggplant” and wants to try that. I wish I would’ve tried it earlier, I love it!


Bowtie Pasta with Basil Chicken

When you reach the end of your two week grocery supply, you’re wondering, “What is there to eat?” Today my sister, Lauren, was searching the internet for a website that has recipes with common foods always kept in the house. It is always a challenge for me to find things to cook when the fridge isn’t stocked with food. I am the cook who likes to go out and buy what I need as I need it. But, this can get pretty expensive and most people don’t have that kind of budget. The website she found is called I made this meal for four tonight and it was delicious and light. There is also a lot of room for experimentation with the recipe. My family is always figuring out how to make tasty, quick dinners at the last minute. If you find any interesting recipes on this site you would like me to make, feel free to leave a comment. This is a quick, simple dinner that feeds four and satisfies picky eaters.