Daisy’s Place Bake Sale auction

As most of you know, I sell cupcakes and 10% goes to Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue. I donate to Daisy’s Place because Number One: I love animals and Two: I have a Lab myself from their rescue named Murphy. He is a sweet 9 year old black lab.

They are a small rescue for older dogs and have recently had some sick Labbys. One of them is one of my foster dogs, Iris who recently had a cancerous tumor removed from her hind leg. That surgery cost approximately $900 and with other sick dogs’ surgeries and treatments, they are in a tough situation. The costs of the surgeries and treatments have been very high, so they are doing all they can to fundraise. They have created a bake/cook sale auction. I offered two of my items to the bake sale, my pecan pie cupcakes and my applesauce spice muffins. Please visit their auction site on September 24th to make your bid if you live in the local Charleston area to help the rescue and the sweet labbys. It is only a 24 hour auction, so bid quickly to win your item! I will have the auction site posted as soon as I get the information.

Thank you!

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