Johnson and Wales Application

I have been so busy lately creating The Danielle Fund and keeping up with promoting it that I forgot to tell you all my good news! I have submitted my first college application to Johnson and Wales: The Charlotte Campus. I am so excited because I absolutely love everything about the school! I love the size because it is only about 3000 students. It is small for a college but not so small that you will know every single person. The class size for labs is about 30 students, labs meaning the kitchen. And the class size for my academic classes are about 60 students, I believe. I love the location, it is in the Uptown Charlotte. I have never lived in a city so this is kind of exciting for me! The baking and pastry classes have big windows so passerbys can look through the window to see what we are making. Just talking about the campus makes me so excited to go there in one year!

There is so much to do at Johnson and Wales and in Charlotte. Johnson and Wales offers lots of clubs and sports. They also offer some dance classes like Zumba and yoga. And we all know that Charlotte is a top spot for concerts! I can hardly wait until I get my acceptance letter!

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