Update: The Danielle Fund

Hello to all who have been keeping up with Danielle’s progress. Danielle had her second and final surgery on July 31st. This surgery was to get rid of a neurocytoma that she was diagnosed with. I have created a fund to help raise money to pay for these costly surgeries. The goal is small for now; if it is successful, I will increase it later. If you can, please make a monetary donation. No donation is too small! Please spread the word! Like our page on facebook, The Danielle Fund and share, share, share! We need to raise as much money for her family as we can! Thank you for your support!

Danielle’s Story:
On July 16th, 2012, my best friend called. I figured it would be about the newest pair of shoes she wanted or her new favorite song, I was wrong. She called me sobbing into the phone, I could hardly make out any other words than “We think Danielle has cancer”. Kaylyn has been my friend for three years and I would do anything to help her out. When we found out Danielle had cancer, I had to help some way, somehow.

Early July 2012 she was suddenly experiencing the sensation of charlie horses in her arms and awful pains in her neck. Her family took her to the doctor to have an MRI done and found a brain tumor. Danielle and her family’s world was sent spiraling into a whirlwind of emotions. She was immediately rushed to MUSC and brain surgery became their one and only option.The brain surgery occurred only one day after the tumor was found by the MRI. After the surgery concluded, it was immediately sent off for a biopsy. While recovering from her surgery, Danielle would ask the nurses, “Am I going to die?” What do you say to a 14 year old girl with a possible cancer diagnosis?

The results from the biopsy came back with good and bad news. The good being she would be okay. The bad being, she had cancer, BUT it was treatable. It is a non-aggressive cancer called neurocytoma. All of this happened in the course of one week turning the family into an emotional wreck but strengthening their faith with God. Danielle was sent home after a week of recovery from her first surgery. The doctors discussed how they would treat the cancer; their options being radiation or another brain surgery. The option they felt was best was another brain surgery which took place today on the 31st of July. She is recovering from the surgery and will be back home in 2-3 days.

As brain surgeries are very costly, I would like to raise money to help my best friend’s family out. Please make a donation if you can. No donation is too big or too small. If you can’t make a donation please spread the word. Thank you!

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