Continued: Cupcakes for a Cure

Danielle was a very lucky girl today. The surgeons were able to locate her tumor and remove it without shaving her head. As you all can imagine, brain surgery is not a cheap task. The approximate cost of removing a tumor from a child’s brain is $200,000 without health insurance. With health insurance, it is still about $18,000.

Most people these days can’t whip out $18,000, much less $200,000. With all the stress in my friend’s family’s lives, this is one thing I may be able to help with. I am will be looking into setting up a fund by selling cupcakes as you all already know. I will be going around to local bakeries to see if they can help bake and sell the cupcakes to help raise money to pay for the cost of this pricey surgery.

Leave me a comment if you are local and would like to purchase a cupcake or two to help my friend and her family or you own a bakery and would like to help.

5 thoughts on “Continued: Cupcakes for a Cure

  1. Do you know what her diagnosis is and what her treatment will be? If we could put together a little more of her story and post on different sites it will help get the word out…maybe get post and courier to do a story…

    • We are not sure whether the tumor is cancerous, her surgery was today so the pathology report will be coming in a few days. They removed part of the tumor, but the surgeon wanted to send her up to ICU tonight to do another MRI to make sure the tumor is all out. I know the tumor is the size of a tangerine and near her brain stem. Once we get a pathology report, I will let you know what the diagnosis is. Thanks so much for all your help.

  2. My prayers are with her and her family!!! Waiting for the pathology reports are so hard… I know the feeling all to well. Keep us posted!!

  3. Angelie, I really hope that everything goes well for your friend’s sister. Cancer is a terrible thing to deal with and I have close family that’s battling it right now.

    I hope you sell lots of cupcakes and help your friend’s family!

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