Cupcakes for a Cure

My day was stirred by some suprising and tragic news and as a result I came up with an idea. Here’s the news first.

I get on facebook like any other day. I see my best friend’s status which had me concerned. My best friend’s sister posted “Hospital” and that was it. I had no clue what was going on and me being close to them, I was freaking out. The news was later told through my friend’s trembling voice that her sister was in the hospital and she may have cancer. A girl who just turned 14, in the hospital, with a possible cancer diagnosis. Brain cancer, the tumor the size of a tangerine.

Why would something like this happen to someone so young? Why should anyone have to deal with that the summer before their first year of highschool? Why my best friend’s sister? Questions flood my mind.

I’ve been talking off and on with my best friend and her sister. Her sister has to have her head shaved for surgery, so my friend is shaving hers too. Before senior year, before homecoming, before winter formal, before prom. People will ask why, and she will respond “Because I did it for my sister.”

Her sister fears people will make fun of her when she starts up school again. I don’t think so, not if they know what she’s been through. I think they’ll admire her. I told my friend if her sister was worried about the teasing to get a wig. So here comes my idea, it’s pretty rough still. I mean I just came up with it before I started writing the blog.

But I thought, “Hey I sell cupcakes, so why don’t I sell some to raise money to buy my best friend’s sister a wig?” If you have any ideas on how I can go about this, that would be terrific. Just leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Cupcakes for a Cure

  1. Sounds like a wonderful heartwarming idea, I wish we were in the area because it would definitely be something I would donate to, and love to have a cupcake for! Be sure they check into the American cancer society, they give wigs free to all cancer patients (with proof of medical issue). We have a large ACS in Columbia SC, they have helped multiple people I know. Always know your options.

  2. In addition to selling cupcakes, you could do a fundraisining page. I have one going on right now and have raised some money. Best of luck! Illness sucks.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea. I am in Mount Pleasant and know I would love to help out…let us know how. My father had brain cancer so this is near and dear to me!!!

    • That is great! I know I will probably be baking a lot of cupcakes so if you could help with that, that would be good. Some people shared their ideas on going to local bakeries and asking for their help. I am setting up a Wig Fund right now for my friend’s sister. If you could spread the word and get cupcake orders for me . Or have local bakeries help raise money by selling their baked goods.

  4. I am going to spread the word.. I just posted it on my facebook. Once you get a link to the wig fund let us know too!!! This is wonderful what your doing!!

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