European Vacation: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Lauren Anton
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Before the trip, I had never heard of Croatia in my life. It even sounded like a gross place, Croatia. But as soon as we arrived I realized I was completely wrong. Croatia was really a beautiful place; lots of flowers, houses with oranges rooves, and mountains. We saw this all through a cablecar going up the mountain.
Photo Credit: Lauren Anton
We also toured the “Old City”. We went through the doors into the enclosed city and found ourselves looking at the coastline. Cannons sat next to us from the war in previous years. We later passed by Rector’s Palace when we then got split up from our tour guide. So we decided to tour on our own by shopping and eating. It was really hot so I got something refreshing, mozzarella salad.

After I ate my mozzarella salad, I got some gelato. I talked to some guy at the gelato stand that was on his sixth cone.

Fun Fact: When the war destroyed everything in Croatia, they rebuilt all the houses and shops with orange rooves. Orange is Croatia’s national color for freedom and unity.

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