European Vacation: Marseilles, France

A cute cafe in Marseilles, France Photo Credit: Lauren Anton

Marseilles, France. Yes it was a pretty place; right on the coast with beautiful water. No one ever told me how much it would stink though. Marseilles was definitely the worst smelling place out of all the cities I visited in Europe. It reeked.

But besides that fact, it was a beautiful place. Little French cafes were scattered throughout the city. Lots of them sold crepes, which I wanted to try so bad. But we were on the lookout for a renowned bakery. It was famous for these long, thin biscuits which definitely had an aquired taste. Plus I’m pretty sure you are supposed to dip them in tea because it was like gnawing on a bone. Picture that, it was quite hilarious.

So we took our long detour of finding the bakery called Four des Navettes and I got some pictures of the place.

Outside the bakery

Inside “Four des Navettes”

The famous biscuits we bought

French Macarons

After we were done visiting the bakery, we passed by a grocery shop and outside they were selling produce. I wanted to get some pictures….

Photo Credit: Lauren Anton

Photo Credit: Lauren Anton

Thanks for reading about my stop in Marseilles! Look for a post on Pisa tomorrow!

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