Europe Vacation: Venice, Italy

Photo Credit: Lauren Anton
Because I went to so many different countries on my European vacation, I want to split up the posts by country. I want to show you not only the food, but the country as well which my sister photographed.

Venice was one of my favorite cities on the trip. I loved how different it was compared to everywhere else I’ve been. Can I share a fun fact that I didn’t know? Venice was built on 118 different islands. That is why there are no cars or streets. Pretty cool right?

I went on my vacation with my dad, stepmom, my twin sister, and my best friend, Kaylyn. Below we are taking a gondola in Venice. I have to say it was very pretty, but overpriced as our tourguide was on his cell phone and did not once sing. He pointed out a few places in Venice, like the first female prison and the schools.

We stumbled on a great little restauraunt in Venice. I decided to get the vegetarian pizza which was AMAZING!

Vegetarian Pizza

Of course, I split my food so I could try everyone else’s food as well. My friend got the pesto and my sister the ravioli. They were really good as well. We noticed however that the pasta is cooked very al dente compared to Americanized Italian.

Basil Pesto

Ravioli with Meat Sauce

While in Venice, we visited St. Mark’s square and toured Doge’s Palace. We also passed St. Mark’s Basilica.

Inside Doge’s Palace Photo Credit: Lauren Anton

St. Mark’s Square Photo Credit: Lauren Anton

I had a fabulous time while in Venice. My next post will be on Barcelona, Spain. Spain was my absolute favorite country and I plan on studying abroad there. I love the atmosphere of Barcelona and the food is wonderful. Watch for my next post on Barcelona tomorrow!

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