A Humbling Cupcake Kind of Day

Photo Credit: Gina Anton
Everyone remembers Pac Man right? You played it on Nintendo as a kid and tried to eat the little cherries and dots. But you always tried to stay away from the ghosts. Well I got an order about a week ago for a Pac Man cupcake cake. I was immediately excited, planning out all I would do to create this classic game into a cupcake cake.

Last night I began baking my mocha cupcakes, as it was a large order, and everything was turning out beautifully. An immediate difference to last week’s order. The cupcakes were super moist and fluffy, just perfect. I was so happy because everything was turning out as planned.

I got up this morning and finished baking the rest of the cupcakes and made my mocha buttercream. Once again, everything was fantastic. I piped my buttercream carefully onto each cupcake making sure they looked flawless. I carefully shaped the fondant to each piece in the Pac Man game and placed them on the cupcakes. At about this time, I had been working on the cupcakes for three hours. Probably the longest any cupcake order has ever taken, but it had gone smoothly and I was proud of what I had made. I arranged the cupcakes to look like the game and carefully arranged half of them in one of the boxes. I pick up the box and you can only imagine what happens next…you know, the box caves in and all the cupcakes collide into each other.

I break out into hysterical sobs. I know, quite childish, but three hours of decorating just made it’s way down the drain.

My mom, as always comes to the rescue, (luckily I had tons of extra buttercream & fondant) immediately helping scrape the buttercream and fondant off as I redo them. With our teamwork, we were able to get the cupcakes done in time for their pickup. Thanks Mom, you always seem to be there when I need you the most.

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