Angel Food Cupcakes with Raspberry Glaze

Things don’t always turn out as we hope, that’s just life. There is a event I am going tomorrow to showcase my famous french toast cupcakes. Originally the plan was to go with my friend Mary who is also my cupcake business partner and my culinary arts teacher. Everything was set in stone, or so I had thought. Monday came along, and Mary found out she had an AP exam and couldn’t go to the event. Today, Chef fell on the floor and was rushed to the emergency room. He was afraid he had sprained his miniscus; two years earlier he had surgery to fix it. So that left me by myself with 216 cupcakes to serve. Luckily he went to the hospital and they think he will be ok enough to attend the event. So what does this story have to do with Angel Food Cupcakes? Well, alot really. My cupcakes didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but this experience gave me the chance to learn. I didn’t have any cake flour on hand, so I used the cake flour substitute: all-purpose and cornstarch. This left my cupcakes small and dense, instead of light and fluffy like angel food cake should be. Also when making the batter, I used the egg white product you can buy in the carton instead of cracking and seperating the egg yolks and whites. Yeah, I was lazy tonight with my ingredients but a chemistry test tomorrow has taken alot of my time tonight. So I guess that was chemistry’s way of teaching me.

5 thoughts on “Angel Food Cupcakes with Raspberry Glaze

  1. I often substitute all purpose flour and corn starch for cake flour.
    It was probably the egg whites. I know they don’t work exactly the same.. especially in French macarons.

    By the way, you should make those churros we were talking about!

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