Strawberry Filled Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

6.02E23 = 1 Mole. I will never forget that, or the song Ms. Andreski must have played a thousand times while I’ve been in her chemistry class this semester. It is probably one of the most repetitive, annoying songs in the WHOLE world. Tomorrow is “mole day”, and because national mole day is so important to my teacher, she could not deprive her second semester class of it so she made up a “mole day” for us too. So we are having this little mole day celebration and we have to bring mole themed foods. GuacaMOLE, cupcakes that have a mole theme, brownies with a mole theme, a hand sewn mole, chicken mole, you get the idea. So you are probably wondering where my theme is….I made little cupcake flags that say 6.02E23 on one side and 1 mole on the other side. I will put them in the cupcakes tomorrow before serving them. I’m so excited, there are three other girls who are bringing cupcakes. I’m hoping they just made cake mix cupcakes and I’m the only one who made the homemade ones! Did I mention making 12 cupcakes for mole day is not only extra credit, but counts as a TEST grade?! My teacher must really like her mole day.

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