Culinary Quest Competition

Thank you all for your ongoing support throughout this week. Yesterday, as I blogged about earlier, was the day of the Quest Competition. It was for not only culinary, but all academics. It was a fabulous learning experience and I definitely will not ever regret participating in the event. I learned a significant amount on working with my team members, working with a five layer rotating oven and different types of pizza doughs. Unfortunately, my team did not place in the competition. However, I know we all enjoyed the competition and we, most importantly were happy with the turnout of the French Toast cupcakes and the two pizzas; Jalapeno Pesto with Candied Bacon and Peppers and a traditional Margherita Pizza. I hope to participate in another culinary competition soon, and if one of the three of us ends up winning, the result will mean that much more.

8 thoughts on “Culinary Quest Competition

  1. I’m so proud of you! What a wonderfully mature attitude. You should go into every competition convinced you’re going to win; otherwise, why bother going? Realistically, there can only be one first place winner, but what you learn and what you take away from every experience is a prize in itself. The pizzas sound fabulous and now I’m drooling….

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