Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies for TNT Bake Sale

Happy Monday! Hope it’s been a fantastic one, mine sure has. I found out walking into Culinary Arts today that I will be doing the QUEST competition, an annual competition that is held for the Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties. They have a culinary section in the competition which has two teams; one for pizza, one for CUPCAKES! Evidently, a girl in my class was given one of my friend’s birthday cupcakes and raved about them to Chef. Thank goodness for that! Unfortunately, it is this Saturday so I will have to cram for the competition! But I couldn’t be happier! I also mentioned yesterday about selling cupcakes at school. It went fantastically, everybody loved them. They said it was the best cupcake they’d ever had. And I made enough money for profit plus a 10% donation to Daisy’s Place!

Pictured above, are the salted chocolate chip cookies that sold for $35 at the TNT online bake sale! I made them tonight and will be sending them off to the bidder tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies for TNT Bake Sale

  1. Angelie I’d also like to say Thankyou on behalf of Daisy’s Place. You can’t imagine how much your support and our ongoing relationship with your family mean to us. It was great to meet you when you were fostering Murph and now you’ve made him the happiest guy in the world by giving him a furever home. I can’t wait for a good excuse to buy and sample some of your tarts! Yumm. Good luck Saturday! Is there anyway the public can support your Quest?

    • Thanks Sharon! We just adore Murphy, he is a wonderful dog. If you would like, March 31 (not confirmed) Melissa is having a Meet and Greet at Doolittle’s, I will be selling my Daisy Dog Cupcakes! Hope to see you there!

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