Dinner at Heirloom Eats

Hi everybody! Last night, my family was tired after a long week so we decided to go out to eat. But like almost every family I know, we can never decide on one place to eat, so we just got in the car and started driving. We were strolling down Highway 17, tired of all the chain restauraunts that my town has to offer and we were particularly in the mood for a privately owned restaurant that doesn’t leave you feeling too full. We passed by Heirloom Eats where my sister and I have always wanted to try but never been. We quickly turned around and pulled in to Heirloom Eats. As I walked in, I was instantly charmed by the interior design. To my left was a faux fireplace with logs on each side and on the shelves above was canned vegetables. As we walked to our table, I looked at the walls which carried pictures of 1800’s scenery and some sweetgrass baskets. Around the restauraunt, vases were placed with different local grasses in pretty greens and creams. And even on a Friday night, this little place was not too busy or loud.

I bet you’ve been wondering about the food. The food was awesome! We started out with a basket of okra fries and garlic ailoi. It was to die for, I would go back again just for the okra fries! Then, for my entree I ordered sweet tea smoked chicken with a red pepper glaze. My sides were the specials of the night, yukon mashed potatoes and fried green beans! I am getting hungry just thinking about all the food! If you all live in Charleston, you should check out Heirloom Eats. I will definitely go back.

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