Creme Brulee

So, last night I decided I was going to have a friendly competition with a girl who sells cupcakes, cakelets, and cakepops at our school. What caused this decision you may ask? Well she decided to come out with a new product. I had to show her what I can do. I left cupcakes behind and took it to a whole new level; adding creme brulees, custards, panna cottas, and tarts to my catering services. (Look under the catering tab to check it out!) Yes, at eight o’ clock at night I started making creme brulees. Then I realized they had to refridgerate for 4-6 hours so I couldn’t post them that night. Plus I wanted natural lighting in my picture, because natural lighting makes ALL the difference.

My end result of the creme brulees was excellent and I am excited for what crazy idea will come next!


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