Garden Tomato and Pesto Pizza

On my facebook page, A Chef in Thyme, I asked my followers what they would like to see on the page and my blog next. I had Chicken Marsala, Chicken with Proscuitto and Tomatoes over Polenta, Pasta Fagioli, and Garden Tomato and Pesto Pizza as my options. Chicken Marsala and Garden Tomato and Pesto Pizza tied so since I had a busy schedule that night I went with the Garden Tomato and Pesto Pizza. I got the recipe out of Cooking Light’s “Weeknight” cook book, so it was super easy and quick. It was so good! It’s taste is similar to a margherita pizza. I will post the recipe to my recipes tab later on this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Garden Tomato and Pesto Pizza

  1. Looks delish – please post recipe soon 🙂 Also, I recently made a cauliflower crust pizza – have you ever tried this? It’s amazingly yummy and SO EASY to make. Great for peeps who don’t want to or can’t eat wheat products! Have a great weekend and keep cookin’!

      • I’ll send you a link to the cauliflower pizza crust recipe – you’ll be amazed at how good it is! Can’t wait for more of your recipes – love the foccacia bread, might make another batch tomorrow 🙂

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