Rosemary Focaccia Bread

3 cups bread flour
2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar
.25 oz or 7g yeast
1 and 1/3 cups warm (100 degree) water
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. parmesan cheese
2 tbsp. fresh rosemary leaves

1.) Add to mixer in this order: Water, oil, sugar, salt, flour.
2.) Make a small pocket in the flour and add the yeast into the pocket.
3.) Mix dough at low speed until it starts to incorporate, then continue on medium speed until incorporation is complete.
4.) Change to high speed and knead until dough is smooth.
5.) Place dough in a lightly sprayed bowl and cover with a clean, damp towel.
6.) Proof in a warm area until it doubles in size.
7.) Spray two-1/4 sheet pans and gently press out dough to a 1/2 inch thickness.
8.) Brush remaining oil on dough.
9.) Sprinkle salt, rosemary leaves, and parmesan cheese.
10.) 2nd proof for about twenty minutes.
11.) Bake for twenty five minutes at 275 degrees.

6 thoughts on “Rosemary Focaccia Bread

  1. google Paul Hollywood’s foccacia recipe – there’s a vid on youtube – it’s a really interesting dough as it’s very wet e.g., 400ml water to 500g bread flour, but it turns out great!

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