Soyrizo Frittata

Ever get tired of the same old, same old for breakfast? The soy chorizo used in this frittata is available at higher end grocery stores and some Wal-Marts. I love to use it for breakfast burritos, but this weekend, my family was just tired of the same breakfasts every weekend. This frittata is so flavorful, very easy to make, and vegetarian! First you heat up the soyrizo, then take it out of the skillet and put it off to the side. Heat some oil in a pan and lightly brown some potatoes; later adding onion, basil, and roasted red peppers. Add the soyrizo back in. Mix egg and cheese together and pour over the potatoes turning the heat down to low. Once it starts to set around the edges, finish off in the broiler until it is a little brown.I recommend using all fresh ingredients, the flavors in this dish are wonderful.
*If you like spicy, add some hot sauce to the soyrizo while you are heating it up.

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